Brands, publishers and consumers: a link beyond advertising.

BRANDCRUMB creates a new link between brands, publishers, and consumers.

We enhance publishers’ marketing influence and improve the user experience by connecting brand references in editorial content with the website and specific page of the product or service of the brand according to the context. Brands can update and change the page to which the hyperlink redirects within their site at any time, all through a user-controlled, automated system.

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Influence marketing beats advertising


Enhance your marketing influence.

Your content is interesting; that’s why your readers turn to you. Considering that the over saturation of ads reduces their impact on readers, there is great value in your content to be realized.

SOURCE: Nielsen Global Survey of trust in Advertising, Q3 2007 and Q1 2013.


Respect and non-
intrusiveness are
worth more than
a thousand ads.

Ads go unnoticed more and more, and commercials interrupt the user experience. You now have an alternative that will spread your message in a clear and direct way compatible with your investment in Display.


Content: the highway to a brand


Do you know how much brands invest in Adwords/SEO?
Now, part of that investment can be yours.

You win every time a reader clicks on a hyperlink, and your users win, too. Don’t make them turn to a search engine when what they really want is to be able to immediately satisfy their interest in a brand directly from your site. So why keep redirecting your readers to search engines? Not having hyperlinks in your content forces them to use a search engine in order to get to the brand.


Top-quality traffic to your website without losing a single customer.

Win over consumers who have a sincere interest in learning more about your brand, those who have read about you in quality editorial content. Don’t miss out on potential customers who read an article where your brand is mentioned but then don’t make the effort to search you out; or because they were unable to find you through a search engine. Worse yet, don´t risk losing a client because the competition was able to steal them from you based on search engine results.


Between 5 and 15 percent of readers are interested in featured brands


You generate interest. Capitalize on it.

The greater the percentage of readers interested in the brand, the greater the revenue for your media. Brands will consider you a more valuable asset. We inform them of the impact of your marketing influence, the traffic you are generating for them, and the quality of that traffic. Nowadays, if you don’t have hyperlinks and you force readers to turn to search engines like Google, your site is invisible to brands.


The best form of marketing is one that generates sales.

The higher the percent of consumers who are interested in an article that mentions your brand, the more quality traffic to your site. A complete media monitoring service, we tell you which sources provide the most qualified traffic to your brand, what content mentions it, how many consumers have read the content, and how many have expressed interest in it.

Greater returns for all


50% of the brand’s investment goes to you.

Advertisements are having less and less of an impact, and you are earning less and less from them. Meanwhile, your business opportunity lies in doing what you do best: publishing content for your readers.

BRANDCRUMB is not a buyer nor a seller of hyperlinks. Our hyperlinks do not have any SEO impact (the positioning of the brand among search engine results).



Get the greatest return on your investment.

Get the greatest return on your investment. We win only when you do. We charge you only when an interested customer reaches your brand. We set the price based on the interest in your brand of the readers of our network of publishers. The greater their interest, the less cost to you.